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Welcome to the downloads page of Happy Adventure, here we post server related software. As new content is released it will be posted here, also if you are looking for help installing the software then click the button at the bottem of the page.

WOM Game Client 

Here is a in game client for the classic mine craft servers.  Features are full screen, Fly, 2x and 5x speed and for OP+ then there is a no-clip function aswell. 
Controls: w a s d as standered move controals, q e are up and down, z toggels fly, hold x for no-clip, shift 5x speed, ctrl 2x speed. Click below to visit world of minecraft to download.

Happy Adventure SMP OFFICIAL Texture Pack

Below is the download for the Happy Adventure Club Official texture pack, if you have current mods in you game then the links are below to install the mods yourself.
Included Mods: Optifine, Rey's Minimap, DokuCraft.
This has only been tested on windows 7, other platforms may possibly need a manual install. The installer will also remove any current mods that you have installed. To select the version run the installer and then login to minecraft, goto your options, and under video settings you can change the rendering type from normal, multicore, smooth and rendering. Multicore will function best if you have a dule core CPU or higher, if you are having visual defect then change the rendering type to smooth.

Auto Hotkey Auto Gun

This is a macro program that has the macro pre programed into it so that when you push f on classic it will fire instead of typing /s on the gunmap.

Happy Adventure remote support

The button to the side will allow you to gain remote support from a happy adventure administrator to aid in fixing problems and installing game related software.

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