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Welcome to the Happy Adventure Club official website! Myself and the staff pride ourselves on providing Survival Multi-Player and Classic minecraft servers and a Team Speak 3 server, all free of charge! We do not charge for joining the website either, and you don't need a higher rank than default to sign up! After signing up feel free to look around the site or post on the forums. Click the Links below to begin your happy adventure, and as always have fun!

Happy Adventure News! - 06/11/2013
Apologies on the delay of 1.7, We are currently waiting on bukkit to push out a update. 

The Classic server is back open again, we will be adding in the maps from the temp server and also re introducing the private maps again. 

Thanks to everyone i've seen on already and i hope to see everyone else soon!

Minecraft donator ranks are now avaliable, so get yours now!

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