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HAC Classic World Editor!

Here you can make changes to a purchased map on the happy adventure classic server, if you want the information to be replaced with the new value please put a = in front of it, if you want the information to be added then put a + and if you want the information to be removed put a -, this will then update onto your map in under one hour. If you want to leave some of the map settings unchanged then leave the box empty.

Havent got a custom map?

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Your Have successfully edited your maps settings, a operator will update your map as soon as possible and send you a conformation email once this is done, this can take up to a few hours as we have to verify the form to ensure you are the map owner. If you are waiting for your map to be updated and have already submitted a form please do not submit another, we will handle your request and submitting another will just slow the process down.
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